Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ol' King Coleslaw

So simple. So good.
Coleslaw adds a zing to any meal. It's a great, "make in advance" dish that can be served as a side or directly in a sandwich. Made in advance it is even better to allow harsher flavours and tougher fibres to soften but even made fresh, it's good to go. I often use maple syrup to sweeten cold dishes because it blends in easily but It doesn't really change the flavour. If you use other types of sweeteners like sugar or honey but you may want to add it slowly and keep tasting it because they all have different intensities of sweetness.
Update (added July 4th, 2010): Although coleslaw has a terrific shelf life, I have reduced this recipe to a more manageable quantity.

½ Head of Cabbage julienned (white and/or red)
  (or ¼ + ¼ Regular with Nappa cabbage for softer texture)
1/3 Cup of Maple Syrup (use less if honey)
1/3 Cup of light coloured Vinegar
2 Teaspoon of Salt
3 Tablespoon Cup of Oil (olive, canola, grape seed...whatever ya got!)
 ½ Clove of finely minced Garlic

Toss and let sit to soften and blend.

P.S. Add 1/4 a cup of mayo to make a creamy slaw! 

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