Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad

When asked to bring a dish to a potluck or BBQ, more often than not people have asked for the cucumber dill salad. It has been a standard in my repertoire for years now and it is probably the recipe I am asked for the most when I serve it. It may seem a little complicated because of the "drawing water out of the cucumber" step, but I feel this is a worthwhile inconvenience that enhances the texture tremendously. It has a great shelf life if you even have any leftovers...

2 English Cucumbers or 10 Lebanese or 4 regular
(when using regular it's best to peel and seed them)
1/2 Cup of chopped Fresh Dill
1/3 Cup of Hellman's Mayonnaise
2/3 Cup of Sour Cream or Strained Yogurt
2 Teaspoons of light coloured vinegar (Not Balsamic)
1 Teaspoon of Maple Syrup
1/8 Teaspoon of Pureed garlic (powder or granules work too)
Salt (to water the cucumbers)

Slice the cucumbers into 1/4" or thinner slices. You don't need to slice them to thin since the water drawing process will further shrink it's thickness. Toss slices vigorously with a generous amount of salt (don't worry about over salting much of the salt will be discarded with the waste water). Allow to sit in refrigerator as long as you can (overnight is best but if you're in a rush, massage them by squeezing them in you hands before letting them rest). Drain off excess water and toss together with the rest of the ingredients.

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